TRUTAZ: Caaaan't we like*
TRUTAZ: yyyyou might think I'm dumb for saaaaying this but*
TRUTAZ: caaaan't we like, bring our world with us, or save it somehow?*

MAKADA: [no <<]
TRUTAZ: Thaaaat sucks. Gog. I don't know whyyyy I thought thaaaat might be possible.
TRUTAZ: Even if we do maaaake aaaa new world, how will we know it's better thaaaan this?

MAKADA: [we wont <<]
MAKADA: [were plying a game of chance >> odds are the new world wll b better than this which is a very low bar <<]
MAKADA: [at the end of a day its a gamble >> just like us gambling on whether we'll make it through without all dying <<]
MAKADA: [all that matters is we at least tried making someplace better >> and played the game <<]
MAKADA: [because, what other choice is there >> to watch our world slowly die in anguish? <<]
MAKADA: [sgrub is our chance to get shit done >> cut to the chase & mayb even get rewrds out of it <<]
MAKADA: [not plying it is an act of cowrdice, indcisivness, +blunt & inslting >> not the othr way round <<]

TRUTAZ: :o|*
TRUTAZ: I've never seen yyyyou taaaalk for so long lol :o)*

MAKADA: [shut up <<]
TRUTAZ: Thaaaat waaaasn't supposed to be aaaan ins-*
MAKADA: [:|!]